Paint Stands

Conley Paint Stands 3CS-100 Series Fender and Gas Tank Paint Stands are offered in two options. 3 stand set with 2 options to choose from 3CS-100PS and the deluxe set 3CS-100PD

Conley Paint Stands 3CS-100PS

3CS-100PS Fender and Gas Tank Paint Stands

3 stands set designed for Harley Davidson Fender and 1 piece Gas Tanks
Bases and poles made of round tube steel and mig welded, base fold for easy storage come with heavy rubber cap so they will not slide on the floor when working, poles have 3 adjusting heights and the angle design on the pole is so you can turn the part that you are airbrushing or painting. The 3 mount are adjustable to line up with the mounting hold in the fender and the gas tank tabs using pins to hold your part in place on the mount. All mounts have lock knobs to keep the pins in place so the pin will not slide out when you are working.
Set includes:
Front Fender Mount
Rear Fender Mount
1 Piece Gas Tank Mount (example) Harley Davidson Touring Dyna Sportster late model Softails.
3 poles 3 Folding Bases 6 pins
All stands come in a black and gray finish


Conley Paint Stands 3CS-100PD

3CS-100PD Deluxe – Late Style Split Tanks Mount – Bottom Gas Tank Mount

Conley Paint Stands 3CS-100PD deluxe paint stands set for Harley and most metric cruiser fender and gas tanks. Like the 3CS-100PS paint stand set the 3CS-100PD Deluxe comes with 3 extra gas tank mounts for early and late split tanks and bottom mounted tanks.
3CS-100PD Deluxe includes:
3 folding bases 3 Poles 5 Mounts
1 Piece Gas Tank Mount
Bottom Tank Mount
Split Tank Mount with Early Adapter 1936 and up split tanks
Front Fender Mount
Rear Fender Mount