Saddlebag Stands

Designed to hold Hard Saddlebags, rear Saddlebag lids and Lower Bags for HARLEY DAVIDSON and most aftermarket Saddlebags. Can be used for other jobs as well.

Conley Paint Stands 3CS100-SBS Saddlebag Stands

3CS100-SBS Saddlebag Stands

Saddlebag Stands comes with:
2 Stands hold lower bags
3rd stand has an adapter pole to hold both lids at the same time
Lower bag mounts can be adjusted to hold for different size Hard Saddlebags
Lid mounts are fixed so lids just sit on mounts
Max height is 48 inches
Fold for easy storage; you can hang these on a wall to save space in your shop
All of our bases and poles are the same as our 3CS-100’S